Thursday, January 9, 2014

10 Reasons Why Every Nigerian Woman Should Visit A Strip Club (At Least Once)

 Do you agree with this article, guys?
Written by Jessica Cook
The popular perception of strip clubs tends towards the notion that these venues are “Gentleman’s Clubs”, geared exclusively toward fostering misogynist attitudes to women, and the devaluing of the female body.  
But are these opinions or views outdated? After all, as the habit of hen-nights hiring male strippers will attest, striptease is not only for men.  
In many ways, this article plays the devil’s advocate, but then, here are 10 good reasons why women need to visit a strip club, at least once!

  • 1.  Watching other women dance erotically can teach you a lot about your own body.
Learning to appreciate other women’s bodies and even to find them attractive can help you lift your own self-confidence.
Watching strippers dance can teach you to love and appreciate your body and perhaps help you realize that you are attractive in other people’s eyes.
  • 2.   Even if it doesn't teach you all that… You get to know your enemy!
Going to a strip club will inform and bolster your convictions about this industry. 
  • 3.  If you’ve never thought about finding other women sexually attractive, this could be a chance to test your sexual preferences.  
Being in this environment could challenge your personal boundaries. Watching women in a club, rather than making moves on your friends, could be a safe and a relatively unembarrassing way to explore your sexual orientation if you’re bi-curious or even unsure about whether you’re lesbian. 
You won’t be the only one.
  • 4. Strip clubs can be an exciting new experience for couples, and can offer fun and friendly opportunity.
Why not go with your partner? You may find it an intimate experience to be there together, to find out what turns him on, and to spice up your sex life. 
Being in that environment is highly likely to turn him on, but at the end of the night, it’s you he’s going to go home with, because you’re the one he loves. Accepting and understanding that could be exciting and exhilarating for both of you.
  • 5.  Learn to become upfront and honest with your partner about other women.
It may not be an easy experience, but it may help both of you to understand that he may find other women attractive. 
It could even just be fun to compare which of the girls you and him find attractive, or stimulate some healthy debate about what your relationship means to both of you.
  • 6.  Get to chat with the girls who work there.
No matter what your feelings are ethically, morally or personally about the sex industry, talking to the women who have been right in the middle of it could help you understand the “other side of the story”.
  • 7. Go to find out whether this is something you would be happy doing to earn some extra money. 
This is becoming an increasingly common or normal way for students to supplement their income and help ease the burden of student debt.
  • 8. Beauty is only skin deep.
Visit a strip club to reassure yourself that, even if your body isn’t as “perfect” as the dancers, you can appreciate yourself as being normal and feel beautiful just for being that. 
And don’t forget that the girls who work there are more than dancers, too.
  • 9. Strip clubs are full of single guys.
Make sure you take the most good-looking one home!
  • 10.  You only have one life.
Sometimes you have to tease the boundaries of your comfort zone.

There are, of course so many counter-arguments to all of these reasons. But it doesn’t mean that the reasons aren’t there. 
Sometimes it’s best to recognise that it is “better you know the devil” than to dismiss out of hand something that's difficult to understand without trying.  After all, it could be fun, exciting, and as research has shown, women tend to see other women’s bodies as more attractive than naked men. If you doubt this, visit a strip club and find out for yourself!

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