Friday, January 31, 2014

Maheeda Don Start Again - Shares New Pictures (See Photos)


Maheeda is still unapologetically showing off her privates. Here are new pictures she just shared. One more after the cut

What Do You Think Of These Cakes? (Photos)


Thanksss. You can close your mouth now. *lol* The lovely cake you see above plus the much cooler ones you will see after the cut can all be made by you or owned by you if you hook up with Emmistrycake. He is even a reader here too.

Emmistrycake is all about cake baking, cake decoration, finger foods, event planning and event decoration. His cakes are baked fresh on demand and come in various flavours like Coconut, Banana, carrot, fruit, rum,
chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, pineapple, red velvet etc. If you can think it, Emmy can make it happen. All at
affordable prices too. He also teaches those that want to learn....Classes are already on.

He Abandoned His Fiancee While She Was Pregnant. Now He Wants The Babies And Not Their Mother!


When a lady accepts to date a man unconditionally, give you her heart, her body and soul, her time, be with you through thick and thin especially when you are a nobody, the worst thing that man can do to her is take her for granted. It kills us, it really is damaging. Not to talk of when she now gets pregnant for you, and you now abandon her with the babies. Only to resurface years later to claim 'your right'!! Very annoying!

Adaobi shared this really painful story on the internet and I would love we discuss it here. What would you do if you were in this situation, dearies? Or what's your advice for Adaobi's aunty?
Here's Adaobi's true life story:

This Lady Used To Be A Man But Now She's A Woman, & She Has A Boyfriend (See Photos)

Amiyah Scott was born a man, named Arthur Scott. She had surgery and switched from being male to female, just like our Miss Sahaara.
Amiyah has a super cool boyfriend, check out their very new pictures after the cut. Hot couple!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's Not A Joke Anymore, You Are One Selfish Modafucker! - Tonto Dikes Blasts Ay Over His Joke Of Her

Another Nollywood star is blasting comedian Ay for making a joke of her. This time it is Ay's close friend Tonto Dikeh and she's not even accepting his apology unlike Jim Tyke.

Ay had reposted a link to a story on his blog about Tonto Dikeh's Calabar Christmas carnival wear. Tonto saw it, just didn't like and put her friend on blast even though he has deleted the tweet and apologised. She even mentioned she could expose his lil secrets. This is serious.
Read their tweets below:

Photos Of A Mad Man & Woman Caught Having S#x On The Streets...


This couple was reportedly spotted in Ghana, broad daylight enjoying their bodies while an excited crowd gathered to watch and take pictures.
See more pics after the jump.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Roman Abramovich's Gf Gets Blasted After She Sits On A 'Half Naked Black Woman' (Photo)

Russian billionaire and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich's partner Dasha Zhukova, sparked an internet controversy yesterday which was Martin Luther King Day after a picture of her sitting on a half-naked black woman was published online.

Dasha Zhukova, 32, who has two children with the Chelsea owner, sat on the chair made to resemble a half-naked black woman during a fashion shoot for her new online magazine Garage.

Unfortunately, when the picture was published online, all hell was let loose with most people describing the image as jarring, upsetting and very offensive and very troubling considering the long history of White women partaking in the dismissal and domination of Black women.
The crude piece of 'art' seems to be inspired by a collection by artist Allen Jones who used White
mannequins styled as strippers as furniture in 1969. 

Photos: Tonto Dikeh & Her Househelp, Onyinye Having A Good Time!


Tonto just shared these pictures of herself and her cook Onyinye having a great, fun time yesterday at a beach.
More pictures when you continue

This Great Looking Guy Is Gay, HIV Positive & Has Been Spreading The Virus Knowingly (See Photos)


22 years old Michael Johnson, seen above, is a very healthy looking but HIV positive student. And he's currently in the news for all the wrong reasons.

According to reports, in October, last year, Police began investigating him after one of his former lovers complained he had contracted gonorrhoea and HIV, which leads to AIDS after sex with Johnson in his university dorm room.
A month later, four more felony charges were filed.

But the shocking news right now is that police have revealed that during their probe into the allegations
against Johnson, they found 32 incriminating videos on his laptop, showing Michael with a string of more than 30 unidentified men he picked up via social media, having unprotected sex in the same university dorm room.

Police believe that Johnson's sex partners did not know that he had the HIV virus or that Johnson was filming their sexual actions.
So they have issued appeals for anyone else who was a sexual partner of Johnson to contact them to prevent an epidemic.

Sexy Or Trashy?


Kanye West's fiancee, Kim Kardashian, stepped out in this space-inspired couture jumpsuit for a Paris Fashion Week show earlier today.
What do you think?

Dear readers:my wife's ex-boyfriend just moved into our building

From a male reader
Dear , my wife's ex-boyfriend whom she loved dearly just moved into our building. What should I do?

22yr old college athlete arrested for infecting dozens of men wih HIV

According to a report by Radar Online, 22year old college athlete, Michael Johnson (pictured above) has been arrested for allegedly infecting dozens of men with the HIV virus. 32 tapes of the former wrestler having unprotected sex with men who are not aware of his HIV status were found on his computer. The men were not even aware that he was filming the sex act.

Michael has been charged with five counts of recklessly risking infection of another with HIV since November. Authorities said they have only identified one of the men in the tapes, and are trying to find out the identities of the others; many of the men seen having sex with Johnson might have met him through social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as on campus.

St. Charles County prosecutor Tim Lohmar told KMOV that “it’s safe to say that numerous of those videos were taken inside his dorm room; we know that because we recognize the furniture.”

Lagos State Government seek to ban smoking in public places

The Lagos State House of Assembly yesterday January 20th passed a bill seeking to make smoking in public places illegal in the state, with first offenders having options of paying a fine of N10,000, three months in jail or both. The bill which is waiting the approval of Gov. Fashola to be signed into law prohibits residents from smoking in places such as libraries, museum, public toilets, schools, hospital, day-care centres, public transportation, restaurants among others.

Lagos residents who break this new law repeatedly would either be sent to prison for 6 months or pay a fine of N50,000, while owners of public places who encourage the breaking of this law would pay a fine of N100,000 or be sent to jail for six months.

The bill also seeks to punish anyone who smokes in front of a child with a fine of N15,000 or six months imprisonment. The bill also directs corporate organizations to place the 'No Smoking' sign in their premises. Companies who default would pay a fine of N250,000.
The Bill when passed into law would be supervised by the Lagos Environmental Protection Agency.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Obama marriage is on the rocks, according to National Enquirer

Thank God this report is from National Enquirer and not TMZ. So please take it with a very large portion of salt...:-). Find it below...
Under the headline Obama Divorce Bombshell!, the National Enquirer claims their 21-year marriage has dissolved in a string of ugly fights that were prompted by the Mandela memorial incident and — far more outrageously — Mrs Obama’s discovery that Secret Service bodyguards had been covering up infidelity on her husband’s part.
It’s an allegation the White House has declined to comment on, though after Bill Clinton’s trouser-dropping scandals, Americans would be rather less sanguine about any extra-marital activity than the French appear to be over President Francois Hollande’s behaviour.
Mrs Obama, the Enquirer claims, intends to stand by her husband until his presidency is over, at which time he will move back to Hawaii, where he grew up, and she will stay in Washington with their children. Continue...

Chris Okotie stands by comments that all Catholics will go to hell & the Pope is anti-Christ

Rev Chris Okotie is still standing by his earlier comments that the pope is anti-Christ & all Catholics are hell bound. In a new interview with Punch, the Head Pastor of Household of God church justifies his controversial statement. Excerpts from the interview below...
"You recently stirred up controversy when you said Catholics would go to hell. Why did you say that?
 It is because the church perverts the gospel of Jesus Christ and that perversion is located in the leadership. Even as Pope Francis recently announced. However, there are many good Christians within the Catholic Church who are not aware of the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church, that has substituted Mary for Jesus, in what is known as the hyperdulia of the Virgin Mary. Salvation for them is not through Jesus alone but in accordance with what Pope Francis recently announced to the world. That, in itself, is a direct violation of the sanctity of the scriptures. Continue...

Male Fan Sends Cossy Orjiakor A Sneak Peek Photo Of His Hairy Balls (Photo)

cossy fan

And this he did just to win a suit from Cossy Orjiakor's boutique.
Cossy had asked her fans to write (I love Cossy) on the cutest parts of them and send to her if they wanted free stuffs from her boutique. Plenty pictures have been rolling in since then and they''ve all been winning.
Check the pictures out below:

D'Banj's Guiseppe Zanoti Sneakers Gift From The Designer Himself Has Arrived! (Photo)

So cool!

Daniella Okeke Reacts To Gist That She Had A Butt Enlargement Surgery



Friday, January 17, 2014

Phyno Denies Getting Artiste Rita Edmond Pregnant

Hip Hop artiste, Phyno, has denied having any relationship with Rita Edmond, not to talk of getting her pregnant. In an interview with Punch Phyno said:
“Believe it or not, I’ve never met or spoken to anyone by that name. I haven’t made any woman pregnant either. If people need three seconds of fame I’m glad that my name could help.” 
Meanwhile, when E-Punch contacted Rita for her reaction, she was evasive. After much persuasion,
she decided to open up. But she ended up saying:
“The only information I can give you is that I am in love with a rap artiste. I don’t want to mention his name. Since different stories are flying around, I am trying to understand where everybody got their story from. Of course, I had a vacation in Dubai and I am back in Nigeria.”

Who Else Does This? *lmao* (See Photo)

Who Else Does This? *lmao* (See Photo)


Uganda President refuses to sign anti-gay bill into law

uganda president
President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has refused to sign into law an anti-gay bill passed by the country's parliament, which is aimed at imprisoning not just homosexuals, but people who talk about it without condemning the lifestyle. The President in a letter to the Country's parliament speaker said homosexuals are 'abnormal' but could be 'rescued' by improving the economy.
"Even with legislation, they will simply go underground and continue practicing homosexuality or lesbianism for mercenary reasons. You cannot call an abnormality an alternative orientation. It could be that the Western societies, on account of random breeding, have generated many abnormal people." President Museveni said
In December 2013, the Ugandan parliament passed its anti-gay bill going against  the President's advice and now seeks his assent. The President had initially advised that the homosexuality situation in the country be studied deeply and carefully before any laws against the practice be enacted.

The Ugandan anti-gay bill seeks to make all form of homosexual activities a criminal offense to be punishable under law. Homosexuals can get as much as a life term imprisonment punishment. Also anyone who knows a homosexual and doesn't report such to police authorities would also face some sanctions if found wanting.

Meet John Fashanu's hot model daughter, Amal Fashanu

amal fashanuanal fashanu
Meet Amal Fashanu, former footballer John Fashanu's 23 year old daughter. She's a UK-based model, and TV personality. Amal is the product of John Fashanu's relationship with Spanish model Marisol Acuna.

Rihanna wears revealing swimwear as she bathes in a pond in Brazil

BadGal Riri pictured in a very revealing low-cut thong monokini as she took a dip in a botanical garden in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil yesterday. See more photos after the cut...

Wizkid's manager apologizes for posting private message online

wizkid and manager
Wizkid's manager Godwin Tom has apologized for posting a screenshot of a private message sent to him by a female fan of his artist. (If you missed the story, read it here).

Photos: How many of you noticed Rihanna's extreme nipple piercing?

A few days ago y'all saw behind the scenes pics of Rihanna's beach shoot for Vogue Brazil. In some of the pics, Rihanna's perky boobs were on display but how many of you noticed her extreme nipple piercing? BadGal RiRi put a spike through each boob. In case you missed it, see the up-close pics after the cut...18+ biko...:-)

Where the guys at? Cossy is scouting for a baby daddy..

When Cossy said she was going to get married or have a baby in 2014, she wasn't kidding..
She is already on the lookout..who will be the lucky man? Before you scream meeeee.. she says youhave to be fine
"@Cossydiva: Deep tots... wondering if I should be a single mum... hahhaha father must be drop dead gorgeous. Cuz I want pretty kids. Scouting.."

Rihanna's sexiest bikini yet....

The very exotic looking Rihanna decided to showoff her perfect body in a sexy thong bikini....And ofcourse her bad girl image won't be complete without holding a blunt......I think this is her Sexiest bikini yet...# nohomo oh

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Video: Jim Iyke responds to AY's comedy skit with Helen Paul

Watch the comedy skit above featuring comedians AY and Helen Paul promoting AY's April show.. .and continue to see Jim Iyke's response to it. The skit kinda mimicked Jim's recent deliverance at TB Joshua's church and the actor didn't find it funny. His tweet when you continue...

Twitter beef part 2: Kola Boof fires back at Dencia

In case you missed part 1 of this beef, check on it here. Trust Ms Boof to fire back. See more tweets after the cut...

Meet the man who hasn't had a bath in over 60 years...

dirty mandirty man2
This Iranian man you see above hasn't allegedly had a bath for 60 years. Daily Mail reports that 80 year old Iranian Amou Haji hasn't washed for 60 years because he believes being clean will make him sick, and his favourite food is rotten porcupine.
To relax he likes to sit down and have a smoke, from a pipe packed with animal faeces. Mr Haji says he chose this way of life after going through some emotional setbacks in his youth and since then - perhaps unsurprisingly - he has become a bit isolated.
His home is in Dejgah village in the southern province of Fars in Iran where, once, a group of young men offered to give him a shower - but luckily he managed to escape.
At night he either sleeps in a hole in the ground, which is quite like a grave, or in an open brick shack which concerned locals built for him. Continue...

2face Idibia celebrates as his oldest son, Nino Idibia, turns 8 today

Nino Idibia (pictured above with his mum and little brother) is 2face's oldest child and first son with Sunmbo Ajaba Adeoye, who is expecting another baby with husband, Pastor David Adeoye. Nino turned 8 today and his proud papa gave him a shout out on instagram. Happy birthday to Nino.

President Jonathan sacks Service Chiefs, appoints new ones

President Jonathan has sacked Nigeria's Service Chiefs and appointed new ones.

According to a statement by Presidential spokesperson, Reuben Abati, Air Marshall Alex Badeh is the new Chief of Defence Staff, replacing Admiral Ola Ibrahim. Major-General Kenneth Tobiah Jacob Minimah takes over from Lt.-General Azubike O. Ihejirika as Chief of Army Staff. 

Read the State House press release 

Hottie Of The Morning: Nigerian Bombshell Tracy Obonna


The figure on super hot Nigerian actress, model Tracy Obonna, is something else. Chiq is amazingly endowed. Just check her out! #Nohomo
Tracy is based in New York and just like Sarah Ofili, she too just released her 2014 calendar.