Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Why is abortion so prevalent in our society?

In our Society today, You hardly find a lady who is a virgin. Most ladies become sexually active before the age of 18 years. The most painful part is that abortion is becoming a norm in this modern world.
I have had several relationships and I can say most of the girls I have dated has had more than one or two abortions. I had to leave my previous relationship when my ex opened up to me that she had aborted for no cause thinking I will find a better girl to stay with. Unfortunately, I am currently dating a girl that I love very much. She recently told me how she was raped and abused and she eventually got pregnant.
The rape case was never reported to anybody close to her. She later found out that she was pregnant.
According to her, she had no choice than to abort the baby and I was like, are you not suppose to have gone for medical checkups, tests and clean up immediately after the rape. Right now, I am confused whether or not to go on with the relationship even though I had marriage plans for her.

One of my best female friend that I met while serving many years ago told me she aborted for a guy four times and she can no longer get pregnant. The surprising thing is her last aborted pregnancy came when they even had marriage plans and yet the guy insisted they abort the baby. She was later told after being examined medially that she can no longer conceive and of course the guy had to leave her. She was left devastated. She started running from one spiritual home to the other looking for a solution to her problem. I had to distance myself from her.

One of my very good friend, once told me how he made his ex abort her pregnancy on two occasion and the dude was full of pride as he narrated his story to me.

One big question that runs on my mind is who is to blame? The man or the woman. I remember one time, when I was taking more in unwrapping a condom and my girl was like I should go in without the condom and I was like what???.

I am wondering if the cost of condom has become so high these days. If the guy insists on not using condom, as a lady, you have to use a condom if you decide to have sex. Couples should learn to take responsibility for their actions. There are so many risk involved in abortions and the most important thing is that the ladies are the ones who suffer the most yet they are non-nonchalant when it comes to having sex without condoms. You risk losing your life, you also risk losing your womb, happiness and the possibility of having a good marriage life if eventually you get married.

Please share...If you must sleep around, use a condom

Saturday, January 23, 2016

15-Year-Old Caught Having Sex With Sheep In Nnewi, Anambra

I have never had sex with human being in my life except sheep because it’s sweet
· Sheep owner wanted Miracle to buy his sheep and marry as ‘wife’
Master Miracle Oluebube Nweke is a 15- year old boy and member of Assemblies of God Church in Nnewichi-Nnewi. But he is a self-confessed deviant who enjoys having sex only with sheep. He was recently caught in the act, last Mon­day, by a friend who raised the alarm leading to his arrest and confession of his past escapades. Our Correspondent, Isaac Ojo, was at the scene where Master Miracle made his confessions and why he is engaged in zoophilia and bestiality. Enjoy!

A Corper Saved From Ritualist; Their New Method Of Operation

Ritualist have devised a new way of catching unsuspecting public.
On Wednesday 20th of January at Eteo, in Eleme L.G.A of Rivers State, I saw people gathered round a car. On getting close I saw a Corper on handcuff, and some men being questioned.
The story as told by the Corper:
She claimed to have a boarded a taxi to her PPA, on reaching her destination she gave the driver One thousand naira (N1000) only for the driver to accuse her of paying with a counterfeits naira note. She denied it, but one of the passenger then claimed to be a Police Officer concurred with the driver. The Officer brought out a handcuff and handcuffed the corper, claiming they are taking her to the Station. Luckily for her, a passerby saw what was happening and raised an alarm, which prompted the youth of the area to come out.
After so much argument, the youths insisted on searching the driver, only to find more counterfeit notes on him. The other passengers tried to escape including the fake police officer, but were caught by the angry youth. The police were called in afterwards.
We need to be informed of the antics of these kidnappers and ritualist. God help us.


Graduates of universities, polytechnics, monotechnics that are prospective #candidates of the 2016 Batch A mobilization which is to take later this month as seen in the released NYSC mobilization timetable can now verify their names on the NYSC portal as it is now available.

Such #graduates are hereby informed to see how to do so below.

If you are a 2016 Batch A prospective corps member, you can start checking your name online at:http://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc/VerifySenateLists as institutions have started uploading the names.

Source= http://ourschool.com.ng/p/318857/how-to-verify-your-nysc-2016-batch-a-senate-list

Friday, January 22, 2016

What Lucrative Business Can A Student Start With #50,000

Few days ago, it was reported that a commercial sex worker based in one of the West African countries, allegedly posted this picture of "gratitude" online after satisfying this young man in bed and was paid 10,000 CFA (N3,300) in return......She allegedly captioned the picture; "He paid me 10cfa after the Bleep, I love him".. 

Now recent reports have it that the girl was actually set up and the guy who actually posted it has been arrested. See below

Source; http://www.nationalhelm.com/2016/01/girl-who-allegedly-thanked-boy-after.html


"I Was Queried By My Pastor For Kissing Flavour" – Chidinma

Top Nigerian songstress, Chidinma and ace singer, Flavour have been accused severally of having a romantic affair becasue of how often the duo kiss when they work together.
However, in recent interviews the stars have both debunked rumors of anything going on between them both. #
Chidinma while discussing on the topic of her kissing Flavour time after time, she had this to say; “My pastor asked me to explain when I said the kiss between I and flavour is not real but we were just acting,” noting that “I and flavour are cool and after work, we move unto the next one.”


Troops engage Boko Haram Fighters In Marte, Recover Gpmgs(graphic Pic)

Troops of 153 task force base, on Thursday, at old Marte, continued chase of Boko Haram terrorists after they carried out an unsuccessful attack at about 5:50pm on Wednesday.

During the operation, troops killed 5 additional fighters.
The casualty on the part of the Boko Haram sect now stands at 21.

Equipment recovered are 1 MC-H3 tube panhand aml 90 gun with registration number 0182; 1 36milimeter handset grenade; 7 pieces of 60milemeter bodies and 3 AK47 rifles.

The Army has now recovered 10 AK47 rifles in all.

When You Study Physics In Unn(photo)


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why The N50 Charge By Fg Is Corruption In Itself

Early this morning, I read a directive by the Central Bank of Nigeria to all Banks in the country where it ordered all banks in Nigeria to start charging N50 on all transactions that are above N1,000 from ALL Nigerians.

Now, as many of us may now know this until the banks start charging it and they give you tons of excuses for it.
Here are three facts why THIS charge is a FRAUD in totality!

1. This charge is to be under a particular stamp duty which is illegal in banking transactions! At least, I know stamp duties are charged under postal orders and not on some bank transactions.

2. The account number the money is to be remitted into (CBN NIPOST Stamp Duty Collection Account No 3000047517) is not the popular TSA account number which was created as the ONLY Government transaction’s correspondence! What this means is that the Federal Government is as corrupt as anything you can imagine, using this scheme to deprive the middle class off their hard earned money!

3. This scheme of generating funds was not listed as one of the means to be used to generate funds this year in the 2016 budget! I have read the 1800 page document page to page in details that I can almost tell where a particular item is placed. You all can take the pain to read it too. This government never listed this means as a non-oil revenue making means.

What this scheme is scheduled to do is to suffer the middle class and the lower class in Nigeria to feed some greedy, corrupt and selfish upper class. Why hasn’t the FG set up a tax on luxury items which the upper class in our strata is entitled to?

There are so many questions begging for answers that, some of which many among us will avoid answering them. I’ll leave you with this: Do not ever think you’ll benefit from the N5,000 to be given to the unemployed people because it is strictly a Northern affair! That is where we have the poorest of the poor!


Israel Oladipupo Ogunseye tweets via @LadiSpeaks

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I Needed Human Head To End My Suffering – Man Confesses In Enugu (photo)

caught with a decomposed human head

 The Police in Enugu State has arrested a suspected ritualist, identified as John Igwe for being in possession of human head. DAILY POST reports that the suspect was on his way to Abakiliki for money ritual before he was arrested by men of the Enugu State Police Command. John confessed that he has struggled so much to earn a living but to no avail, adding that he ran into a friend who introduced him to a native doctor.

 According to him, “he took me to a native doctor in Abakiliki and I was asked to go and bring human head. I was going there with the human head when I was arrested.” Asked what he wanted to achieve with the ritual, he said “It is for money; I have suffered so much in life”.

 Meanwhile, the Commissioner of Police in the State, Nwodibo Ekechukwu, who paraded him alongside other suspects, said the command had recorded several breakthrough in its war against criminal elements. 

Shell To Sack 10,000 Workers - Capital Post

As its fortunes dwindled due to falling oil prices, Royal Dutch Shell Plc is to sack 10,000 people in an effort to bolster margins.
Shell’s drive to improve competitive performance is delivering at the bottom line. Operating costs have reduced by $4 billion, or around 10 per cent in 2015, and the company expects Shell’s costs to fall again in 2016 by a further $3 billion.
Synergies from the BG combination will be in addition to that. Together, these actions will include a reduction of some 10,000 staff and direct contractor positions in 2015-16 across both companies, as streamlining and integration of the two companies continue.
When Shell announces its results on 4 February 2016, Shell’s fourth quarter 2015 earnings on a current cost of supplies (“CCS”) basis excluding identified items are expected to be in the region of $1.6–1.9 billion.
This includes Upstream of $0.4–0.5 billion, of which Integrated Gas some $1.6–1.9 billion, and Downstream of $1.4–1.6 billion, of which oil products some $1.3–1.4 billion and chemicals some $0.1–0.2 billion. Full year 2015 earnings on a CCS basis excluding identified items are expected to be in the region of $10.4 – 10.7 billion.


Terrible Accident Involving Corpers Along Ore Road (Graphic Pics)

[PHOTOS] UNIOSUN Graduate “A Corper” Shares His Terrible Accident Experience Along Ore Road, 8 People Died

A Naija (Graduate of Uniosun, Abati Olamilekan) sent this in for us:-

My name is Abati Lekan, a graduate of Osun State University. I am a corp member serving at Abia State. I had an accident on my way to Aba (my place of ppa) along Ore road last week Tuesday (O5/01/2016)...


On that fateful morning, prior to the accident, the driver made up his mind that didn’t want to drive the bus again, because he had a disagreement with his company ‘OHLOMA LINE’ (Abule-Egba), Lagos State about logistics and loading fees. After a while, they reached an agreement with the driver, so we kick-started our journey some minutes after 8am.

LUTH Fake Doctor Who Was Arrested (Photo)

The police in Lagos arrested a fake medical doctor at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba on Tuesday.

 The suspect, 43-year-old Adesina Opeyemi, was said to have been practicing for three years with forged medical certificates. He was arrested with several fake certificates which were found in his possession. He was arrested following a petition written by the hospital. He has confessed to the crime as he will soon be charged to court.


fake doctor

Fans Blast Ice Prince Saying He Has Been Charmed By Maima

No chill, at all. Ice Prince might be confused right now as he is in between defending his girlfriend and been confronted with the claims and allegations of her alleged cheating but his fans are not making it any easier for him as they have gone on his page to troll him, saying different things... See snapshots of some of their comments.

Omigosh! Nigerians Watched An Abandoned Baby Cry Herself To Death Because Of Fear Of Police (Photo)

My heart is bleeding. What kind of society are we living in? Have We lost our humanity??

the baby

A baby girl, dressed and abandoned by her mother in a biscuit carton near Eco Bank, along Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo, died after hours of battling for survival.

The baby, who was said to have been abandoned by her mother at about 11:30pm on Friday, died around 11:58am on Saturday after many hours of crying for help.

A resident of the area, Mr. Okon Isaac, told a Punch correspondent that the baby became pale after a long period of crying for her mum’s comfort before passing out.

Isaac said he wanted to check if Total Filling Station along Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo had begun to sell fuel when he heard a baby cry near the refuse bin, dressed neatly and dumped in the biscuit carton.

According to him, he was perplexed and had to suspend buying fuel and kept watch over the baby since 5:47am thinking that the mother might change her mind and come back for the baby.

He stated that the baby’s cry from the carton drew the attention of a large number of people.

Isaac added that people were scared to touch the baby to avoid being accused by the police of trying to steal or kidnap the baby.

“I have been here since 5:47am. I wanted to buy fuel from Total, which only sells the product when available between the hours of 4 and 6:20am. After this time, they stop selling pretending not to have the product.

“As I was passing, I heard the cry of the baby. I began to wonder where the baby was crying from. But when I got near the refuse bin, just off the road, I saw a baby girl neatly dressed and dumped in a biscuit carton.

“I could not go to Total in search of fuel again. I stayed behind to observe if the mother of the baby might change her mind and come back for the baby. And before long, people started to troop in as they heard the cry of the baby.

“But as we live in a period of child theft and selling of children for money, people were scared to touch the baby. They all stood helpless, should anyone risk lifting the baby, and the police happen to be around, the individual can be accused of child theft, or whatever,” he said.

The Punch correspondent called the police emergency number to inform them of the abandoned baby, but the police said they were aware of the situation and had contacted the Ministry of Environment for necessary action.

It was observed that till the baby died, neither the police nor officials of the Ministry of Environment were present at the scene.


I think the blood of that innocent baby is on the head of all those that allowed it to die when they could have helped her

Nigerian Air Force Recruitment 2016

Nigerian Air Force opens application for recruitment

The Nigerian Air Force has announcement the commencement of recruitment of Airmen and Airwomen.
The Service in a statement signed by Air Vice Marshal C. N. Chukwu on behalf of the Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar, gave the details of the procedures for applying.
The statement by Chukwu reads in full:

1.All applicants must be Nigerians not less than 1.68m tall for male and not less than 1.65m for female.
2. Interested applicants are to apply free of charge online at www.careers.nigerianairforce.gov.ng.
3. Applicants are to print out the underlisted documents after completion of application online:
a. Local Government Attestation Form.
b. Parents/Guardian Consent Form.
c. Acknowledgement Form.

4. Non Tradesmen/Women.
a. Applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 22 years by 31 December 2016.
b. Applicants must possess a minimum of 3 credits including Maths and English in SSCE/NECO/GCE.
5. Tradesmen/Women: a. Applicants applying as tradesmen and women must be between 17 and 24 years by 31 December 2016.
b. Applicants must possess a minimum of 3 pasess including English in SSCE/NECO/GCE and must possess at least a lower credit in ND/NCE or any relevant trade certificate from reputable and approved government institutions/organisations.

6. Online registration starts on 8 February 2016 and closes on 25 March 2016.
7. Zonal recruitment exercise will start from 11 – 29 April 2016.
8. NAF Online registration and all other recruitment processes are free of charge and no payment should be made.
9. The Local Government Attestation/Indigeneship certificate must be accompanied by the passport photograph and photocopy of the signees drivers licence or international passport. The signee is also to authenticate the passport photograph of the applicant behind.
10. For further information see the instruction page on the website as from 8 February 2016 or e-mail: airforce.support@swglobal.com.

Monday, January 18, 2016

See Full List of “The Headies” 2015 winners #Headies2015

It was a successful event although some artist like YBNL rapper Olamide was not impress with the result…
See the full list of the winners, Nominees and Their Categories below 
A voting category for the artiste whose songs are inspired by the streets. Such song should captain lingua, which may also be originated by the artiste and popular on the street.
Reminisce – Skillashi
Olamide – Bobo
Small Doctor – Mosquito Killer
Mastakraft feat.Olamide, CDQ and Davido –
Falz The Bad Guy Feat. Yemi Alade & Poe- Marry me
- winner Olamide

Cossy Releases Tempting Photos, Flaunts H-er B!g Stuffs

Cossy said sh-e is getting ready for marriage with a mystery M@n but the new p!cs sh-e just releases are too hot for a wom@n who’ll soon become someone’s wife. 

Tiwa Savage's Son, Jamil In Arabic Attire (Photo)

Tiwa Savage is really turning her handsome son, Jamil, into a stylish kids...such a fine boy. Nice one!

''He melts my heart, I stare at him and wonder what I must have done to deserve such a miracle. Sheikh JamJam I love you, Yummy mummies !!! Are you ready to share your beautiful stories? Because from next week monday we shall be interacting and sharing our experiences via this platform. #MomsKnowBest''


Olamide Wants A Collabo With Retired Eldee; Gets An Epic Response From Him

2016 has started properly and many musicians are currently in the studio putting in work as they prepare to own the year.
While Olamide has been involved in several 2016 releases he is particularly looking forward to a collaboration with eLDee who has been retired for the most part of the past few years.
He tweeted on Sunday night,

“I want to do a collabo with Eldee so bad .. 2016.”[/i]
eLDee has been on the back seat of the music business for more than half a decade but he is still a Nigerian music icon and it might be lifelong dream for Olamide to duet with him.
eLDee reponded to him tweeting,

“ This kind tweet go make person wan UN-retire now.”

Gonna be an interesting 2016 fosure !

2 Scavengers Caught Vandalising Vehicles In Lekki (photos)

Two scavengers, Sunday John and Mohammed Nuhu, were, this morning, caught while vandalising vehicles in the highbrow Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State.

John, from Adamawa State, whose father is a retired Chief Justice in the state, and Nuhu who is from Kano State, were nabbed at about 2am while trying to cart away the carcass of a vehicle chassis.

The two thieves who were severely beaten and stripped Unclad and paraded around the estate, were said to have already collected the money from their ready buyer who is yet to be apprehended.

According to witnesses, they are said to be regular thieves who go about stealing vehicle part as well as robbing early risers.

In his confession to Pulse, John agreed to the allegation, blaming his attitude on drugs and his stubbornness.

"My father is a retired Chief Justice in my state. He is not a poor man but I have been rebellious right from my childhood and actually ran away from home to Lagos. I am a drug addict and I take tramadol.

It is true I joined Nuhu to steal the chassis because he told me the man had already paid him for it.

I am sorry. Please help me beg the police to forgive me. I will not steal again."

On his part, Nuhu said he actually called John to join him in the act.

"I am a scavenger and someone told me he wanted the chassis and I brought him last night to see it, promising him I would deliver the thing to him.

At about 2am, John and myself came to Ugbogoh Iweanya where the thing was and we had successfully taken it to Admiralty Way when the police patrol team caught us."

Ali Baba Hosts 20k Social Media Challenge Again

Comedian,Actor,Business Mogul and Now Philanthropist Ali baba shares another instagram challenge worth 20k after recently giving out cash for the "best dimple Smile" during the weekend.

If it's easy money get it now... Start looking for military people. See the challenge in his post.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Man crying at his wedding(photo)

John recently wedded his beautiful wife, Adeola and the amazing moment he held her and broke into tears while they had their first dance was captured by Klalaphotography. Why do you think he's in tears? See more photos from the wedding after the cut.

Soldier camooflag To Fight Terrorists(pics

Soldiers really pass through hell to defend a country.They do all sorts of things just to win war.According to the person who shared the photos on Instagram(he claims to be a soldier),the soldier had to dress in an unusual way during a battle with terrorists.

When A Girl Tells You She Studies Banking And Surgery( photo)

Add caption

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hen Raped And Killed By Other Cocks (video)

Poor Chicken was "Raped" to death...sometimes male species can be dangerous. These cockerels behave like dudes who are Jail-birds and one lady just got sneaked into their cell...Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Male species share such characteristics?



Meet The Guy Who Impregnated President Obama”s Daughter Malia

This Is Guy Who Impregnated President Obama”s Daughter Malia  In what promises to be the biggest White House scandal since intern fellatio, President…


She Was Asked To Masturbate In Exchange For An Interview Invite

Twitter user, @habbizzelle shared the screen shot below yesterday. According to her, her friend applied for a job in Globacom and received this in her mailbox.

My Wife "Gbemmy"said I Look Like Tekno!hope She Is Not Deceiving Me?

She doesn't lie but may be this is a lie!my wife said to me today"Ade you look like the duro crooner"Tekno"is she saying the truth?