Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Secondary School Students GoTo Forest To Have Séx [PHOTO]

Now, children are beginning to do what is not supposed to be done or talked about at their age, but the blame I don't feel should be put on them, cause most of them is from peer pressure, seeing it too much in their daily lives that they now think its normal and so many other things. It was not long ago that we saw Two Students Kíssing In Class, i guess that one was only a little. Here these two secondary school students are doing it in the forest within their school. these days, its not much of a big deal, and if people don't come to see what they are doing buy allowing students watch bad movie which nollywood producers have began to show like this one "Bold 5 Babesthen the future will only be worse. 

Woman loses all her legs and hands after using fake and illegal bumbum enhancement

A woman in California wanted her butt enhanced so she turned to an illegal enhancement procedure.

The woman was left a multiple amputee after the cosmetic surgery went horribly wrong.

April Brown suffered life-threatening infections after having silicone implants injected into her behind. The procedure was performed by an unlicensed doctor in Los Angeles, she said, with the complications leading to several stints as a hospital inpatient.

It was during these hospitalizations where suffered agonizing infections. “I had the procedure done eight years ago," she told the news media. "For five years I lived in pain. Excruciating pain.” +The mother of two children said the illegal procedure took place at a "pumping party" by clandestine doctors.

"They call it medical grade silicone," she said, "but much of it is industrial grade silicone.” Last year, Brown's health deteriorated to the point that she had no choice but to have all of her limbs removed.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

See What Happens When Students Are Late To Church In Bowen University

It is true we have heard of so many crazy things being done by private universities, but could this be true that this happened to people that attended church late?

PHOTO: Charly Boy & His Entire Family

Charly boy posted a photo of his family and tagged it 'My family, My rock'.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Must watch video: Comedians 'Roast' Julius Agwu on his 40th bday

Must watch video: Comedians 'Roast' Julius Agwu on his 40th bday

 It gets very interesting when Okey Bakassi takes the mic to talk. Y'all need to watch this. Basorge Tariah Jnr had to take the mic away him after he refused to stop. Some people think Okey went too far. Watch

Video: Mercy Aigbe's Response To Alleged Husband's Assault

Video: Mercy Aigbe's Response To Alleged Husband's Assault

Yeah, they are still at it! The husband is beside Mercy as she explains what happened....

Cocaine Sells For N100 On The Streets Of Lagos

Contrary to popular belief, cocaine and heroin are no longer out of the reach of the common man, writes Chux Ohai
One afternoon in March, our correspondent set off in search of joints where hard drugs were sold and consumed in parts of Lagos. Along the line, the search led to a narrow street, just off the busy Olowu Street and adjacent to the popular Ipodo Market. Known as Ilo Street, it is lined on both sides with crowded shops on most days of the week.

My Relationship With Other Actresses Is Zero And Bloggers Are Shit Heads Says Tonto Dike

The POKO queen herself has come out to appreciate bloggers in her own way. She took to twitter to say that God has used bloggers 'shitheads' to her advantage. 
On another note, Tonto Dikeh who has not given up on her acting career said she has a zero level relationship with her fellow actresses off stage. Why? I wonder. She also said she loves the negative comments she gets from people because it charges her up and makes her a better person every time

UPDATE! Yoruba Actress Caught In A Room By Husband

This story has been trending but I decided not to dabble into it until I know more with regards to what actually transpired between Yoruba actress, Mercy Aigbe and her husband Mr Lanre Gentry.

In case you don't know Mercy already has a child for another man before getting married to Mr Gentry. So who was it she went to "rest" with in the room? See the revelations below...

If you ask many young men who have already clocked 30 why they are not yet married, one of the many excuses they would give you is that it's "very hard" to find a faithful lady these days. It appears ladies are taking the lead in infidelity from men. Cheating is now a natural thing to some ladies.

Designer Marc Jacobs Vacations With Pórn Star Boyfriend In Brazil

The Famous Multi-Millionaire Designer was on Sunday, April 7 seen kissing, holding hands and having a good time with his pórn star boyfriend, Harry Louis, on Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He is an American fashion designer. He is the head designer for Marc Jacobs, as well as Marc by Marc Jacobs, a diffusion line, with more than 200 retail stores in 80 countries.
He has been the creative director of the French design house Louis Vuitton since 1997.
Jacobs was on Time Magazine's "2010 Time 100" list of the 100 most influential people in the world, and ranked 14th on Out Magazine's 2012 list of "50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America"
Pictures Below .

The Top 7 Lies That Nigerian Men Tel

1.  We will get married soon.

2. I haven't been with anyone since my ex girlfriend.

3. You're the most beautiful woman I have seen.

4. I can't believe you are even talking to me. (2 weeks later he will be treating you like rubbish)

5. I don't know that gal, she is just obsessed with me.

6. Oh Baby, you don't need to work, I can make money for the both of us

7.  I am a Christian man.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Bank Employee Confesses To Sléeping With Men At Least 56 Times A Week, Including Her Boss

One of our reporters (name withheld) met the shock of his life few days back at the Elegushi beach, Victoria Island Lagos while chatting with the lady whose photo you have above.

To his disbelief the 26 years old lady who identified herself as Ella, boldly told our reporter that she loves séx so much so that she enjoys it more than real food.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

PHOTO: See Hot Sexy Ghanaian Deborah Vanessa’s bikini shot

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Uncle Obama Model, TV host turn singer, deborah Vanessa alias Sister Deborah, She’s hot!

Over 100 People Died In A Petrol Tanker Explosion Accident On Benin-Ore Highway

Reports reaching indicates that an early morning  by a petrol tanker has  over 100 persons  were passengers locked in when explosion occurred. According to an eyewitness the incident happened at the always busy Benin-Ore federal highway.
According to information gathered from an eyewitness within the area where the incident took place, said the incident happened around Ugbogwi village adding that more than 40 passengers of a luxury bus that belong to a transport company, the Young Shall Grow Motors , were among the unfortunate persons that were burnt in the inferno.
Moreso it was gathered that the tanker with registration number GA 71 XA. Belonging to Dangote and a Young Shall Grow Luxury were involved , as it was also gathered that fire also stretched to a close mechanic workshop setting ablaze 8 other vehicles, meanwhile the witness also asserts that a close by local market by the name Igbogui market also got burnt in the inferno.
However they said incident had also cause traffic Jam on the two carriageways as rescue activities is still on even as full details of the incident is yet to be ascertain.
Beside, several occupants of other vehicles numbering over 25 trapped in the explosion were also roasted to death while a few lucky ones escaped with various degrees of buns. Several security and rescue agencies have mobilized to the area for rescue operations. Our contact in the area said remains of burnt passengers are still being packed in nylon sacks by operatives of Civil Defence corps, police and Road Safety Corps.