Friday, January 31, 2014

He Abandoned His Fiancee While She Was Pregnant. Now He Wants The Babies And Not Their Mother!


When a lady accepts to date a man unconditionally, give you her heart, her body and soul, her time, be with you through thick and thin especially when you are a nobody, the worst thing that man can do to her is take her for granted. It kills us, it really is damaging. Not to talk of when she now gets pregnant for you, and you now abandon her with the babies. Only to resurface years later to claim 'your right'!! Very annoying!

Adaobi shared this really painful story on the internet and I would love we discuss it here. What would you do if you were in this situation, dearies? Or what's your advice for Adaobi's aunty?
Here's Adaobi's true life story:
This is a war raging in my extended family now.
An aunty of mine dated a guy for seven years (2005 -2011). During this period, everybody thought they will later get married, but along the line, my aunty got pregnant, and had a set of
twins in 2011. Some months after she put to bed, the fiance left the country for Belgium. For the 3years he was away, my aunty singlehandedly trained the twins, and is still training them alone. Her parents kinda rejected her because of what she did - having children outside wedlock.
The problem now is, the father of the twins is back, and wants custody of the children. He claimed he can't marry my aunty because she is ibo, that he is the first son, so the parents said he has to marry an Iteskiri woman. My aunty refused to let go off the kids. Her father said he can't have the kids unless he marries the daughter.
Many suitors had come her way, but when they find out she has sons, they don't come back again. She is not getting any younger, she is 29, gainfully employed.
People are asking her to release the boys to their father so that she can marry, she refused. The matter is at welfare now. My aunty has been hiding the boys for the past one month, the boys are in our house because the man and his family want the boys at all cost.
What do you all think? She should release the boys to their father? My aunty's stand is if the man rejected her, he should as well reject the children. Do you think she is doing the right thing? Me, I don't think she is.

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