Friday, January 10, 2014

Is It Ok For A Lady To Carry A Condom In Her Handbag?

Written by Mumumugu

Seriously, why carry condoms around in your handbag?
Are you afraid sex is going to break out at any moment and you’ll want to be a part of it? Or that all shops and drug stores in your town will be closed when you want to get down and dirty?
If a lady is carrying a condom in her bag does that make her a ‘slut’ or ‘easy’?

If you are debating whether it’s okay or not to bring condoms with you ---here are the top five reasons why you should ALWAYS have a condom with you.

  • 1. Because you can’t expect men to remember to pack one.
Let’s face it ladies, men do not carry a purse like we do.
Unlike men who can leave the house without carrying a single thing, save for themselves, women will spend some time preparing all the things they’d be needing and pack those in their purse, gym bags, totes, or what-have-you. Also, by packing the condoms yourself, you can choose whatever flavour or design you want. You can also choose the most reliable brands and avoid the ones you don’t like that much.
  • 2. It shows you care.
When a woman is involved as she can be when it comes to sex---it reflects her sense of concern.
It means that she cares about herself, her partner, and their well-being. By being ready, you will avoid untimely pregnancies and avoid your risk of acquiring STDs.
Also, when you have condoms with you, it shows how reliable you are as a partner, which would reflect on how reliable you are in general.
  • 3. So nothing can stop you from having fun.
Nothing is more frustrating than meeting a seemingly great guy at the bar only to realize that you can’t do it, simply because you’re not sure if you can avail of a condom anywhere nearby.
The worrying spoils the fun and instead of focusing on the sex, you are plagued with what ifs----what if I get pregnant, what if I get a disease or something, or what if something goes wrong etc.
So, if you want to make sure you’ll have all the fun that you can get, always have a pack with you whenever you know you’ll be partying all night.
  • 4. Because it is very discreet anyway and won’t take too much space.
Come on now. Condoms are mighty small and thin, they sure won’t take up too much space in your purse.
You can tuck them pretty nicely in the inner pockets so that only you will know that they are there. It’s always great to have these reliable latex stuffs, for those just in case moments.
Because of their size, you can place an entire box in your purse and it won’t even take so much room. You do not even need that much.

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