Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Arsenal's Olivier Giroud Admits to Cheating on his Wife After Model Published Photo of him in Pants

Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud has apologized to his wife and club after a British tabloid newspaper, The Sun, alleged that he had an extra-marital affair and published a proof to their story.

The story first surfaced on Sunday last week and in their report, The Sun claimed Giroud had spent a night in a hotel with lingerie model Celia Kay. The late-night rendezvous with Kay occurred less than 12 hours before Arsenal’s game against Crystal Palace kicked off — a breach of the club’s curfew. 

Almost immediately, Olivier denied that Kay had visited his room when asked by Arsenal manager Arsene
Wenger. He even took legal advice over the Sun story. The Sun, however, followed up the story on Sunday with this photograph of Giroud, apparently exiting the bathroom of his hotel room in only his underwear.

Celia Kay in the hotel
 That was when Olivier changed his story and took to Twitter to ask for "forgiveness" on Sunday, hours before Arsenal's 2-1 win over Liverpool in the fifth round of the FA Cup. See tweets below.

Only Kay and Giroud know what actually happened that night. But Kay says she and Giroud didn’t have sex that night after reports that Arsenal plans to fine Giroud, reportedly around £200,000-£230,000 ($334,100-$384,200), for his transgression. 

She did, however, take a photo of the Frenchman in his underwear and pictures of her in his hotel room which she shared with The Sun newspaper last weekend. 

Giroud, 27, is married to his wife Jennifer, and they have a lil baby, born last year in June, together. After the news of her hubby cheating on her went viral, Jennifer was forced to close her Twitter account after a whole lot of people bombarded her with replies, mentions and advice.

Olivier and wife Jennifer

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