Monday, February 24, 2014

Dear readers: I hate the way my girlfriend dresses...

From a male reader
I so much hate the way my girlfriend dresses. I've complained over and over again but it seems I'm not getting through to her. She doesn't think a woman can be sexy without showing body parts. Her clothes are skimpy, trashy and disgusting. They are all either too short, too tight, breast on display, her favourite are transparent clothes. Those kinds of clothes are fine if you're standing on the streets but not when you are going out with your man. I get very uncomfortable when we go out. She likes all the attention she gets from people when we go out but I am embarrassed. I do not want to be seen in public with a girl dressed that way but because I care a lot about her I still haven't broken up with her. What can I do about this lady? I really want her in my life. Minus the dressing, everything else about her is perfect. My kind of woman. Please advise.

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