Sunday, March 2, 2014

Amebo Gist - Nigerian Guy Buys Lady he's Still Wooing Property Worth £1.6 million

This is serious love ooo. guys. *winks*
Men are something else, especially the very liquid ones. The likes of .......... who wouldn't mind doing  whatever once they are in love.
According to Maestro Media, there's this dude that has money like the Atlantic ocean. His kind of colossal wealth is the kind that would help many nations and he would still be quite comfortable and he is proudly Nigerian.
 Imagine that just to woo a girl he likes, and he has not even had anything to do with at all, he gave the lucky lady love to the tune of £1.6 million Pounds in property. What wouldn't she now get by the time things have gone far? Some babes sure are very lucky. What is it that they 'put' on that makes men giddy up and just go totally gaga?
 A little description of this extraordinary gentleman, who is spending money like a drunken sailor - He is not too fine and he is based in Nigeria and is into o......................  He is highly connected and some even say he is the front for..........

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