Thursday, March 6, 2014

Another Reader's Mail On Abortion..

I don’t know if this story is justified or maybe I shouldn’t have published it. Oh well...  Apparently another reader wants us to know she was raped by her guardian and she’s glad she kept the pregnancy because it changed her life financially. She said she lost her parents at the age of 10 and her dad’s best friend and his wife adopted her. Sadly, they had no child, and they treated her well. Shortly after she left secondary school the man startedsleeping with her, and when she got pregnant he relocated her, and today she lives wealthy. You see why I said; maybe I shouldn’t have published it? Goodness some girls are mean! Read her story after the cut.

While growing up, I never knew most of my parents family members because we lived in another city and they mostly didn’t come around. It was just me and my parents. It’s a pity that when I was ten years old my parents died in a ghastly motor accident. As  a young girl I didn’t  know what it means to die, what I knew was that I won’t see my parents for a long time but I will eventually see  them again.

My dad's best friend, a barrister and his wife accepted to be my guardian as they had no child of their own.  They were so nice to me and you will never know I was not their child except you were told my story.

The problem started after I finished secondary school, my adopted dad suddenly developed an interest in me. Most times he would peep through the bathroom hole while I was taking my birth or walk rudely into my room while dressing up.  My adopted mum travelled and that night he had sex with me twice and he never stopped since then. Though I had rejected his sexual advances but when it got to a time I just allowed him do it when never he wished. I got pregnant after two years and he didn’t believe it. He warned me not to think of an abortion. I kept the child and a DNA was done when I gave birth to him because he never believed he could impregnate me. I live in Texas now and he spoils me and my son silly. We have all we need in life and I have never worked for one day.  Thank goodness I didn’t abort him even though I insisted. Abortion is not the solution.

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