Thursday, March 6, 2014

Horror: Another Lady gets Brutally Beaten, Dragged behind Moving Car & Left to Die by New Boyfriend (Photos)


Another young woman, this time a mother of two, has lost her life to domestic violence after her boyfriend of just 3 months beat her to death cos another man flirted with her at a bar they had gone to.

According to DailyMail, 30 years old Emily Lambert, an elementary school teacher had traveled from her hometown in Garland, Texas, on Friday, to Carlsbad, New Mexico to visit her boyfriend Robert Earley for the weekend.

Happy and excited, Emily called her parents to tell them she was ok, then she and boyfriend Robert went out
for some drinks. They visited a bar where another man reportedly flirted with Emily. And unfortunately, when they got home, all hell was let loose because of that.

The couple got into a very violent fight, Emily bit Robert, Robert got so mad he kicked her in the mouth multiple times, punching her. Emily became unconscious, a furious Robert loaded her into his car and drove off to an undisclosed remote location.  

Emily woke up at some point during the drive but her boyfriend, Robert attacked her again with an air pump that was in his vehicle. Robert then tied a rope around Emily's neck and dragged her behind the car.

By the time his anger was spent, he eventually left Emily unconscious behind a metal shed, only to return the next morning to find out that she was dead.



Reports say trying to cover his tracks, Robert called Emily's parents and told them Emily had stormed out and left after they had gotten in a fight the night before.
Emily's parents told reporters:
'He said "Emily's missing." He said they'd had a little tiff and she walked out on him at midnight and he'd been up pacing the floors since five in the morning and she never came back. She's been dating him for a couple of- three or four months. I mean we know him, we met him and had dinner with him... We don't really have any reason to believe that he's being untruthful.'
Emily's body was later found by Monday and Robert, an oil rig worker, has now been charged with murder, tampering with evidence and being a fugitive from justice. Emily had two daughters named Eden and Danika, ages 4 and 5, from a previous relationship.

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