Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Should I Allow my Single Girlfriend Come Live with Me & My Husband?

A reader sent in this mail a while ago, unfortunately, I just got to read it today. Cos she sent it on Facebook. So sorry for the delay, dear. I still decided to share your mail, cos you never know who else might be in a similar situation.

Hi Laila. I am one of your readers. I love your blog a lot. Please I have something that has been troubling my mind and I would want advice from your readers.
I am married, recently but no kids yet. I have a friend (single) just met her recently from work and all. She is having accommodation issues and all and every time she tells me about it, I feel so sorry for her.
Where I stay is quite big as it's just my hubby and I, and really I have been contemplating asking her to come and stay over with us. I would even want that cos I believe she would be keeping me company at home especially when hubby isn't around. I even told hubby about it that I invited the girl over just to get his reaction. Surprisingly he has no problem with it at all.
Please people, do advice me, should I go ahead and invite this girl over? Ask her to stay till she gets a place of her own? Or should I just keep encouraging her without actually assisting even though I am in a position to help??
I would like to remain anonymous!! Thank you!

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