Tuesday, January 12, 2016

If she does this when chatting with her online, it means she is horny


An interesting new study has found the relationship between women that use emojis and women who are constantly horny.
Match.com polled 5,000 users on a variety of dating habits and the study shows that people who use emojis are hornier than non-emojiers.
The study also found out that emoji users think about sex more frequently and actually do it more often than those who stick to plain old text messaging.

The data also shows that only 13 percent of women who say they never use emojis had sex “at least monthly” in 2014, while 46 percent of those who use more than one emoji in every text get it on at least once a month.
Surprisingly, emojis are more effective for dudes - a whopping 64 percent of male emoji fanatics are getting laid regularly. 
So, if that hot girl you are chatting with online is using emojis in every single text she sends you, then you know you have a sure thing.

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