Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Why is abortion so prevalent in our society?

In our Society today, You hardly find a lady who is a virgin. Most ladies become sexually active before the age of 18 years. The most painful part is that abortion is becoming a norm in this modern world.
I have had several relationships and I can say most of the girls I have dated has had more than one or two abortions. I had to leave my previous relationship when my ex opened up to me that she had aborted for no cause thinking I will find a better girl to stay with. Unfortunately, I am currently dating a girl that I love very much. She recently told me how she was raped and abused and she eventually got pregnant.
The rape case was never reported to anybody close to her. She later found out that she was pregnant.
According to her, she had no choice than to abort the baby and I was like, are you not suppose to have gone for medical checkups, tests and clean up immediately after the rape. Right now, I am confused whether or not to go on with the relationship even though I had marriage plans for her.

One of my best female friend that I met while serving many years ago told me she aborted for a guy four times and she can no longer get pregnant. The surprising thing is her last aborted pregnancy came when they even had marriage plans and yet the guy insisted they abort the baby. She was later told after being examined medially that she can no longer conceive and of course the guy had to leave her. She was left devastated. She started running from one spiritual home to the other looking for a solution to her problem. I had to distance myself from her.

One of my very good friend, once told me how he made his ex abort her pregnancy on two occasion and the dude was full of pride as he narrated his story to me.

One big question that runs on my mind is who is to blame? The man or the woman. I remember one time, when I was taking more in unwrapping a condom and my girl was like I should go in without the condom and I was like what???.

I am wondering if the cost of condom has become so high these days. If the guy insists on not using condom, as a lady, you have to use a condom if you decide to have sex. Couples should learn to take responsibility for their actions. There are so many risk involved in abortions and the most important thing is that the ladies are the ones who suffer the most yet they are non-nonchalant when it comes to having sex without condoms. You risk losing your life, you also risk losing your womb, happiness and the possibility of having a good marriage life if eventually you get married.

Please share...If you must sleep around, use a condom

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