Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blackberry craze

Just last weekend as I was driving, I saw a crowd of people around a beautiful girl, they were beating her and dragging her and i heard them calling her names like thief, ole, shameless girl. She was fully naked. Out of curiosity i stopped to ask what her crime was and they said she stole a blackberry. Everyone was just looking at her with pity. Some brought out their camera phones to take her nude pictures and even uploaded it on Facebook instantly. I almost would have uploaded her nude pictures on this blog, but this is not a pornography blog.
A blackberry is just a mobile device that is used in making and receiving calls.it has a special feature that is used in pinging other blackberry devices. In other words, it’s a social networking device that you use to connect with your loved ones, clients, and friends. Apart from this there is nothing really special about it. It comes in different models like bb storm, curve, bold, torch, and so on. Since its release into the market, the prices of this mobile device have refused to fall not to talk of the subscription fee that lets you stay on the network. This has caused many youths who can’t afford it to go into crimes like stealing and killing. Many have been killed and robbed off their phones. Some months ago, a boy was stabbed to death because he refused to give his robbers his blackberry. Can you imagine that? And now this lady was exposed to nudity because she stole a blackberry phone. The rate at which these crimes are being committed is becoming alarming especially in this part of the world called Africa. In Nigeria for example, the phone has so been over hyped that people now buy it just to be among the elites in the society. They consider it as a thing of class. What annoys me most is 60% of the users in Africa cannot afford to pay for subscription even after buying it. Then, why have it?
People now ping while they drive, in their place of work, in classrooms while they receive lectures even in churches. Last Sunday, while we were praying, the lady beside me was just busy pinging, pinging, pinging …..To be continued
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