Wednesday, May 23, 2012

'My ex-wife attacked & spit on my girlfriend'- Usher testifies in court


Usher was in court today to testify against his ex-wife Tameka Foster, in their ongoing child custody trial, and the singer didn't go easy on his ex. According to TMZ, Usher told the court that Tameka flew into a jealous rage the day he showed up at her house with his girlfriend, Grace Miguel.

Usher testified that Tameka walked to his car and said, "Bitch get out of the car. I'm gonna kick your ass. How dare you bring this woman to my house?" she then pulled the door open, and tried to swing at Grace. Usher claimed that when he tried to block Tameka, she hit him, threw food at him and spat on his girlfriend.

B*tch crazy! :-). It amazes me how two people who once loved each other can hate each other so much they want to ruin each other... can't you just wish each other well and move on?

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