Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things Broke People Say

money can't buy you happiness
"I just feel like drinking garri this afternoon"
Tokunbo Electronics is better than new one
I just don't like flashy cars..

don't talk to people anyhow...you don't know how they will help you in future"
we will all die someday and won't take our money with us!
i like this shirt so much, i've been wearing it for 5 years
am not the BlackBerry type or iPhone either... I jus prefer Nokia 1100
"I don't want too much money, i just wanna be comfortable"
" Do you know the source of their wealth" "Money is not everything"
"What are they even teaching them in private schools waste of money"
"Going to the cinemas is waste of money, when you can buy N200 DVD with various collections"
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