Sunday, March 17, 2013

Crazy But True Facts In The World

1. Your Pupils can expand as much as 45 percent when looking at someone you love
2. Violence has actually been steadily declining over the course of human history. We are currently in the midst of our most peaceful Era yet.

3. Most Of The Laughs You hear in comedy and funny movies today were actually recorded in the 1950s.This Means a lot of the people yu hear are dead people.

4. Macdonalds Feeds 1 percent of the world's entire population daily

5. Teenagers who drink, smoke or eat junk food are 4 to 6 times less happier than those who never smoked or drank alchohol

6. The Chances Of You dying on your birthday are actually higher than the the chances of you dying any other day

7. In Colombia, kidnapping is such a normal phenomena that a seperate radio station is kept for messages sent by parents to kidnapped children

8. Male sea slugs cut off their joystick after Being Intimate and grow a new one before a new mating session.

9. Xbox, Wii, playstation and all other game consoles are banned in china since 2000 but they are all made in China.

10. There exists a dating site for ghosts called ghostsingles. Its slogan is "exclusively for those who have passed away but not gone away"

11. There exists a book titled "everything a man knows about a woman". It has 100 pages all of which are blank. It is a best seller too.

12. World's shortest horror story consists of two sentences. " The last man on earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door".

13. In Japan, napping at work is viewed as fatigue from working hard and it is completely acceptable. Employees fake it to look committed

14. There is a 40 percent chance that you would die within the next three years if you sit more than 11 hours a day.

15. Due to increased brain activity, people with higher intelligence tend to have a harder time sleeping at night.

16. 3 people stole a secret recipe for a new flavour of drink from Coca cola and sent it to Pepsi
. Pepsi instead of using this, rather reported the case to the FBI and Coca cola.

17. An American Pornographic actress, Lisa Sparxxx, holds the record for Being Intimate with the most guys in a day. She slept with 919 guys in a single day.

18. Holder of Guinness world record for the fattest woman, Pauline Potter, lost 100 pounds by Being Intimate 7 times a Day.

19. In 1925 there was a short war between Bulgaria and Greece, all because a dog had crossed the border which they shared.

20. Eminem's mother sued him for 10million dollars because he made offensive remarks about her in songs but she only received 1600 dollars.

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