Thursday, April 11, 2013

UPDATE! Yoruba Actress Caught In A Room By Husband

This story has been trending but I decided not to dabble into it until I know more with regards to what actually transpired between Yoruba actress, Mercy Aigbe and her husband Mr Lanre Gentry.

In case you don't know Mercy already has a child for another man before getting married to Mr Gentry. So who was it she went to "rest" with in the room? See the revelations below...

If you ask many young men who have already clocked 30 why they are not yet married, one of the many excuses they would give you is that it's "very hard" to find a faithful lady these days. It appears ladies are taking the lead in infidelity from men. Cheating is now a natural thing to some ladies.

To the Mercy Aigbe saga: There are many sides to the story but some are more believable than others. For those of you who have already read part of the story, this won't be hard to understand.

When on Sunday April 7, Mercy Aigbe's husband arrived Troy Lounge in Ogba for the launch of a TV network where his wife was a special guest, the man didn't know that something strange was cooking. If his wife is even tempted to do any "runs", he would think such will only happen in his absence.

But this was different. From what TON gathered from sources, Mercy Aigbe and her husband got to the venue in their different cars like strangers. The husband sat alone for about 30 minutes before his wife joined him. His wife went into the studio for an interview and the man waited all alone again until he almost lost his patience.

She was said to have later came out, spend a few minutes with him and excused herself. A source said the husband got suspicious at this stage as she didn't state exactly where she was going. He started looking for her; he searched everywhere, even the "ladies toilet" but Mercy Aigbe was no where to be found.

The husband got so agitated, at a point he forced the MC of the event to call out his wife. TON confirmed from multiple sources at the event that the MC actually shouted "Where is Mercy oh!!", yet the actress was still no where to be found.

It was when one of top men in the organisation saw that Mercy's Husband was ready to "scatter the place" that they took him to a room, claiming his wife was "resting". When the door was opened, Mercy's husband was shocked to see his wife in a "night gown". She actually came to the party with a short black dress.

Night gown? For what? What is going on here? I here Mr Gentry immediately dragged Mercy away, flipped her into his own car and drove off, leaving her own car behind...

Her defence: I hear Mercy is now claiming that she was no longer comfortable with the clothe she wore to the party but has refused to say how she got the night gown. Did she come from home prepared or something else was actually going on in the room before the husband came?

She also claimed that her car developed fault that was why she joined her husband and not necessarily because he caught her in the room. But Stella Dimikoko Korkus who broke the news has said that there was nothing wrong with Mercy's car as the car started without any problem when they later came for it.

Several accusations and denials have been made but one things is clear: somebody is not telling the truth.

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