Sunday, January 12, 2014

Nigerian Women Aren't Gold-Diggers, We Are Only Pursuing Happiness! - Lady To Nigerian Men

Written by UJ Sizzle

This is really more of my opinion than some fact, so I'm hoping we'll be able to discuss 'intelligently'. I'll keep this straight and simple though , so you don't need to worry about reading an epistle.

I'm a strong advocate for understanding why people act the way they do because it is truly the only way to tolerate and deal with them. 
So let's discuss the over flogged topic of Nigerian women and their supposed love of money.

  • Why are 'Nigerian women' money conscious?
Really the answer isn't far fetched: They are simply pursuing happiness.

Being happy is really the summary of all a woman wants, but happiness as we know is subject to individuals; what makes A happy maybe different from what makes B happy.

Now while some may say that a woman should be happy with a man who loves her, we might want to ask ourselves: Is love really enough? 
Can you trust an emotion that can be so easily extinguished just as quickly as it was sparked? 
Money is the next best thing after love. Seriously, let's not deceive ourselves here, money makes the world go round. And who says it can't buy you happiness? 

To people who are superficial (and that's not a crime), money is happiness. Even to the less superficial ones, it does have the same effect.

Now men, you really didn't think i was going to spare you, did you? 

If you believe Nigerian women are gold diggers, it is because consciously, unconsciously or subconsciously you made them so.

I was having a discussion with a friend some months back, and she said she couldn't marry an Igbo man who grew up in Anambra (sorry my brothers). 
She had a really good reason for that if I may say. 

Men who go after money with such tenacity believe that it is the only way to please their woman. I don't know who taught you that you could substitute yourself with your wealth, but so far it's worked, and now that the women are following what will supposedly please them (make them happy) you complain. 
Aren't you the most confused beings alive? We'll leave your confusion for another discussion. 

So in essence, every woman wants happiness. Some find it in self fulfillment, others find it in love, and yet others find it in materiality. 

You can't really blame a person for what they believe will keep them happy, the best you can do is change their mindset. 
It is really about orientation, what they have been led to believe. 

Some believe their happiness is tied to someone (a man or woman) or something (possibly the good things of life that only money can buy), while others believe happiness comes from within. 
I say to each man his own smiley after all there are those who have trusted in love and your potentials and yet nothing good had come of it that they gradually start to resent you. 

You really can't blame a person for wanting substance, can you? 

If men really believe there is more to them than their money (for the few who have some faith in themselves) then it is time to start showing these women those hidden treasures that can make them happy. 

Until you can successfully do that, please chase after your money and let the women chase after you, and stop complaining!

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