Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beyonce's half-brother living on food stamps

beyonce bro
Beyonce has a 4-year-old half brother (pictured extreme right) who she has never met. She doesn't even acknowledge him. Beyonce's dad had a baby with another woman, Alexsandra Wright, while still married to Beyonce's mum so there's a lot of bad blood there. Apart from dropping him as her manager, Beyonce also put him off her payroll.

Alexandra tells TMZ that Mathew Knowles owes her $32k in back child support and because he's not giving her any money, she's destitute and has to use food stamps to survive. She and her son Nixon make ends meet with $300 from her state issued EBT card which she showed TMZ as evidence.

You can see that after the cut. But let me ask, if you were Beyonce, would you not try to help your half brother? I don't blame Beyonce at all, I understand her reservations with all 'dem baby mama drama but that's your blood, would you not try to help or at least acknowledge him? And he's so cute..

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