Saturday, February 15, 2014

Dear readers: Why are women not faithful? My girl is so cheap

From a male reader
But why are women like that? Why are women not faithful? Why? My girl friend is too cheap. To test her I opened another account on Facebook using my native names. I sent her request and we started chatting for some days without letting her know I was the one. I decided to test her faithfulness in the relationship the day before valentine (13th), I requested for her number, she asked 'for what', I told her I don't have a girl friend and I wanted her to be my val on the 14th. Without hesitation she sent the number. I asked for her address she sent her real address. I asked when and where we can meet, she said we could meet at a hotel close to her house. I asked if she was in a relationship, she said no.
Anyway we agreed to meet at the hotel. She knows my schedule that I would not be at home celebrating valentine with her. I told my friend to call her to come to the hotel which she did and my friend told me she was willing to sleep with him. Please friends what do you advise me to do? This is a girl I was considering marrying some day...

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