Friday, February 14, 2014

Do You Believe In Long Distance Relationships?


Please share my story.
My boyfriend came into Enugu for a lil job. We met, fell in love and it's been such a good thing. Problem now is his contract/job is completed and he's about going back to Lagos where he is mainly based. I'm stuck in Enugu cos I'm in school here and my family is based here, so I can't move. Only visits.

Please what do you think my chances are? My man promises distance won't affect us. That we
can cope till we can work something out. Which may take years. I should be rounding up from school next year. But I'm so afraid of all these desperate Lagos girls. One mind says I should go ahead and trust and still love him, still be faithful, keep myself for him. Another says I will be the biggest fool if I do that.

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