Monday, February 3, 2014

Oh dear! Justin Bieber photographed sucking on a stripper's boobs

Oh Justin. I excuse his behaviour because of his age, I mean he's only 19 and this is the time for him to experience and have fun but I hope he doesn't spiral out of control and end his young career.

Anyhoo, TMZ has obtained an exclusive pic which shows the singer and one of his best pals, rapper Khalil Sharieff sucking on a strippers nipples - one breast each - during a recent party.

TMZ reports that the stripper was hired to 'perform' for Justin and his pals during a party at an L.A. recording studio and she came with fully-loaded giant fake breasts & rainbow-colored Playboy tattoo.

During the party, Justin and Khalil decided to suck on the strippers boobs at the same time and even allowed a photo to be taken. See the pic after the cut  *Adult Content*...

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