Thursday, February 13, 2014

Police Arrest Father Who Allowed 26yr Old Man Secretly Wed & Have Sex With His 12 Yr Old Daughter

Imam Tasawar officited the illegal wedding
A 61-year-old father who allegedly allowed his underaged daughter get ''married'' to a 26 year old Lebanese man who came to Australia on a student visa, Ahmad Chamma, has been arrested and brought before a court. According to reports, the man gave approval for his 12 year old daughter to get married illegally and start a sexual relationship with Chamma.

But defending himself, the father argued that his daughter was a strong-willed woman who was in love. He said Chamma started courting his daughter in 2012 when she was 11 and he respected Chamma for being up
front about his intentions to get married to the child, who was deeply in love with Chamma as well. 

The pair lived together in Sydney before they got united earlier this year during the off-the-books Islamic ceremony.

The father's arrest came a day after the Muslim cleric that officiated the wedding was also arrested and charged with conducting the illegal marriage. If convicted, the cleric faces a maximum fine of $500 or six months behind bars. Already he has been fired by the Australian National Imams council who condemned his action.

Chamma, the little girl's 'husband' remains in police custody and faces 25 counts of having sex with a child.
The girl is now under the care of the state.

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