Saturday, February 22, 2014

What would You do if your Own Child Confesses to You that He/She is Gay? - Question of the Day


Guys, let's talk about this. I read all your comments about the Nigerian LGBT protest at the Nigerian Embassy in London yesterday and frankly, I too am strongly in support of our anti gay bill. It could be finetuned, no doubt, but I strongly believe being gay shouldn't be praised or accepted as normal. I have 3 sons and of course, I dream of having 3 fab daughters in law when the time comes.

Then again, we all know a lot of things are easier said than done when it particularly affects us. All of us here
have kids or younger siblings, nieces, nephews who are still growing up. They are still 'innocent' today.

So, what would YOU do if tomorrow, any of these loved ones confesses to you, in trust, that he or she is gay. We are no longer talking about strangers now being gay. Our own loved ones.

What will you do?

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