Wednesday, January 13, 2016

She Slept With My Best Buddy And Expects Me To End Friendship With Him.

Some friends or would I say acquaintances are quite shameless. I threw a birthday party @sailors lekki and had prominent friends in attendance including my best friend who didn't hesitate to spend lavishly as he kept ordering drinks and food. I noticed this friend of mine was exceptionally quiet all through, probably observing the whole thing.Next thing I knew she was glued to my buddy,dancing,laughing and all that.I was totally ok with it because everybody was having fun,they exchanged numbers and everybody left happily.I warned her to be careful as he wasn't single!

2 weeks later this lady started insulting the guy,saying all sorts about him,if we are hanging out and he shows up she leaves angrily,this continued for about 4months. I got to find out she went to his mansion several times,they went to all the expensive restaurants in lekki and in 2weeks the guy hit the cookie

The annoying thing now is she wants me to stop being friends with him,someone i'v known since Adam,his fiancee is my friend,he has helped me in so many ways, I can't stop talking to him because of some careless act.

My so-called friend has stopped talking to me,she doesn't hang out anymore,she doesn't call and all but biko is it my fault? Is it a crime I refused to support either of them? We all are adults and solely responsible for our decisions. Should I call both for a hangout to settle the issue? Or ignore completely

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